Welcome to YUNBI exchange, before you use YUNBI's service,YUNBI please make sure you read the notification below.

  • Blockchain assets trading is booming recently, please understand the potential risk of this market and be careful.
  • There was a big increase of YUNBI's user recently, as a result it will take longer time to confirm the users' deposits, withdrawals and reply the users' tickets. YUNBI is actively improving the customer service quality, thanks for your understanding. Please pay attention to the latest announcements.
  • Due to the increase of users, the CNY withdrawal service has been changed to T + 1. It means that if you apply for a withdrawal of CNY on May 25th, the request will be confirmed on May 26th.
  • The blockchain assets exchanges around the world are suffering from the deficit of service capacity. We recommend the users not to do arbitrage. YUNBI will not be responsible for the value loss if your deposits and withdrawals haven't been confirmed on time.
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