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YUNBI Exchange doesn't guarantee credit endorsement for all the blockchain assets. The related introduction of blockchain assets are from third-party, so there could be some mistakes and omissions.

Blockchain assets investment is highrisk investment. There are possibilities that the blockchain assets price crash to zero. Please be careful when you make investment.

ZMC Relevant Data

Last mining revenue of 10000 ZMC: 0.02941217133138894766514 ZEC

Total mining revenue of ZEC: 4934.8402

Total mining revenue of CNY: 13620158.95 Yuan

ZMC annualized return: 184.63%

The above data is for reference only, please use the real distributed amount to calculate your own profits.

GMC Introduction

GMC is the digital asset proof issued by BitSE, it is the rights of equity of General Mining project. This mining project is held by BitSE. GMC holders will get ZEC and ETH mining profits everyday. YUNBI is incharge of distributing the mining profits.

Investing in digital asset proof has potential risks. The overall network hashrate and ZEC price will influence your profits. Please be careful when you make investment.

What is GMC?

GMC is short for General Mining Certificate, it is the rights of equity of General Mining Project issued by BitSE. GMC will continue share mining profits (ZEC and ETH) until the first havling of Zcash. If a user holds GMC on his account, he will receive the mining profits protionally each day on 4:00 a.m. The profits settlement will be in ZEC.

GMC Specification

GMC is issued by: BitSE;

Total circulation: 19,149,836;

Hashrate: 1 GMC = 0.06 H/s (ZEC); or 1 GMC = 7114.5 H/s (ETH);

BitSE will consider the overall hashrate of ZEC and ETH, and also the real-time price of ZEC and ETH. BitSE will calculate the highest dynamic mining profits everyday and flexibly shift the hash power between ZEC and ETH mining pools.

ZEC Miner

ETH Miner

How to share out the mining profits?

GMC profits sharing period will be effective until the end of first halving of Zcash. GMC will be functioning until the first halving of Zcash on Block Height 840,000 (approximately 4 years).

After first halving, BitSE will assess the project and determine whether GMC mining service could prolong for other 4 years.

GMC trading will be prolonged as long as GMC can has mining profits sharing ability.

The official site of BitSE:https://bitse.com